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We accept donation from anyone who has compassion for charities. Donations to Isan & Kusum Paul Foundation are tax-exempt under US IRC 501(c)(3) and are used to support local organizations that care poor children with food, education, shelter, and healthcare. Foundation periodically review progress of the organizations to be sure that most of the donations are utilized for the benefit of the children with minimum administrative cost and the funds are not diverted to any unintended causes. We evaluate their exempt certification, compliance with country’s regulations on receiving foreign exchange (FCRA-India), and examine their past annual and audited financial reports1. Periodic contacts and site visits are also essential for monitoring the programs. We the Foundation members, are all volunteers and try to keep the administrative cost (mailing, bank fees, and accountant fee) less than 2%. However, all your donations will be used for charities without any administrative cost.


1Disclaimer: Some country regulations and organization misconduct are beyond the scope of our inspection.

Refund Policy

Foundation recognizes that donations are made out of feeling. But there may be situation when it is made erroneously. Your donation will be held for 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt. If you change your mind, Foundation will refund it in full amount. After this period Foundation have no control on the donation because it may have been distributed for use.


Helping underprivileged children with their needs is our mission. We welcome any comments and suggestions in this endeavor.


Before you donate we encourage you to contact us for any question. We will be happy to discuss on any subject you may have.